General terms and conditions

Scope of application
The general contracting terms and conditions shall be binding for all issues and disputes arising from the commercial relationship existing between the client and Algarabía International Solutions.

The general terms and conditions of the client shall only be binding upon express acceptance of them in writing by Algarabía. The invalidity or nullity of a provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Generally speaking, the contractual relationship exists solely between the client and Algarabía; any contact between the client and a third party engaged by us requires our prior consent.

In order to secure the services offered on the website, the client must complete the obligatory fields (marked with an asterisk) of the Request for Quote form published on the website.

In the “Type of Service” field, the user shall indicate the service he/she is interested in contracting and, in the "Message" field, he/she shall specify any further details it deems of use. After examination, Algarabía shall send a Quote to the client for their approval.

The Quote shall be considered as approved when the Client returns it duly signed to Algarabía. This approval binds the parties contractually, and they remain subject to these general terms and conditions.

In the Quote provided by Algarabía, and depending on the type of project concerned, a maximum execution period shall be established, calculated from the date and time of approval. Similarly, the Quote shall specify the mode of service delivery. If a messenger service is used, the costs of said service shall be borne by the Client.

The prices of the services provided by Algarabía shall be set according to the specifications of each project. In the case of translations, prices shall be calculated per word and will depend on the type of text concerned (specialized, sworn, technical, etc.), on the language combination, urgency, format, etc. The minimum applicable cost per word shall be 0.06€. If the Client requires that some specific criteria be fulfilled in the translation of his/her documents, he/she must duly inform us of them, giving us written confirmation of any specifications that are to be kept in mind while carrying out the translation.

In interpreting, prices shall be determined by the type of interpreting, number of interpreters, number of hours, hiring of booths, languages used, etc., required to provide the service.

The Manager reserves the right to unilaterally modify, at any time and without prior notice, the prices of services, as well as the contracting terms and conditions, though in no case shall a modification have any retroactive effect, i.e., affect quotes that have already been sent.

The quote issued by Algarabía shall be valid for 15 days. After this time has elapsed without the Client’s acceptance, Algarabía’s binding obligation shall cease.

Payment method
For assignments below 100€, payment must be made upon delivery. The assignment will not be delivered if payment has not been made.
For assignments exceeding 100€, payment must be made in advance.

The Client shall pay the fees by credit card, cash, personal cheque, bank deposit or bank transfer into the account specified for this purpose in the invoice or quote, and in the way and by the deadline stated in the quote issued. All costs arising from payment and receipt transactions shall be the exclusive responsibility of the Client.

Remedy of errors or deficiencies
We reserve the right to remedy errors or deficiencies. The client shall be entitled to request the remedy of any possible errors in the content or deficiencies in the translation. This right shall be exercised by the client by precisely specifying the errors or deficiencies in question.

Intellectual property
The work produced by Algarabía remains the property of it until its final acceptance by the client. Final acceptance takes place at the time of payment and entails delivery or performance of the contracted service.
The client must monitor and review the contents before final acceptance.

Algarabía shall only be held liable for damage caused by gross negligence or wilful misconduct, where this liability is limited to the amount of the order.

The Client is responsible for being in possession of all copyrights corresponding to the documents and materials provided. In no event shall Algarabía be held liable for possible damage to third party copyrights.

Translation errors attributable to original documents which are hardly legible, erroneous or make use of improper terminology, as supplied by the client, shall not be included within the scope of our liability or that of the translator.

Algarabía accepts no liability whatsoever for those errors deriving from insufficient information provided by the client.

The client must provide us, promptly and without prior request, all the information and documents required to carry out the translation (glossaries, images, terminology, charts, abbreviations, etc.).

Algarabía accepts no liability whatsoever in cases where changes are made to the translation. Errors resulting from non-compliance with these obligations shall not be borne by us.

Cancellation or modification of a translation assignment
In the case of a client cancelling a translation assignment already in progress, it will be sent to him/her and he/she will be invoiced for the work carried out up until that time.

In cases where a client wishes to modify a translation assignment after its formalization, Algarabía reserves the right to modify, in turn, the delivery date and quote.

Algarabía undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of all information and documents received from clients.

At the client’s request, a confidentiality agreement can be signed which obliges our collaborators to maintain as confidential the information obtained during their work.

Unforeseeable circumstances and force majeure
Algarabía accepts no liability whatsoever for damages derived from unforeseeable circumstances, such as failures in our installations (e.g. net and server failures, transmission and connection failures, damaged or infected files) or force majeure (e.g. natural disasters, fires, …, obstacles beyond our control in general).

Applicable law
Spanish law applies. The competent jurisdiction to resolve any disputes that may arise between the parties is that of Madrid.

Modification of general contracting terms and conditions
Algarabía reserves the right to change its general contracting terms and conditions, and undertakes to facilitate all its clients, through its website, access to future updates.



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Algarabía boasts a comprehensive translation and interpreting service. Through our extensive network of language professionals, we can offer you official translations in all languages and for all sorts of documents.
  Algarabía offers a professional service designed to provide support to public authorities, NGOs, companies, partners, etc. for the identification, design, execution and evaluation of development cooperation projects.
  Algarabia International Consulting is made up of a team with experience in international trade for investments in Morocco. Spain’s neighbouring country is experiencing exponential growth, which represents a unique business opportunity for investors.
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